Scottish Highlands,CoffeeCrush,Musical Dreams

Friday, March 16, 2007
For a change
Today, I started a new blog with inspiration from one of my dear friends. Well, why did I do this? I decided to start something that everyone would read, understand and well, appreciate. I had to do that. I felt I should open up and write for the world. As my earlier blog will still be running as melange with all about me, which I'm sure is boring.

'Melange' is an outlet to my life and so, it remains special to me and precious. It's a beautiful thing I possess and respect.

Well, now as I start blogging on Scottish Highlands, Coffee Crush, Musical Dreams which is all for you readers, so that you can read what I write and comment.

Why I choose such a name? This is because these three elements have always fascinated me in my life. They have made me think better too. Oh yes, so the significance here is, to make the world think better about me and what I write. Not the same usual crap, like I write in my public diaries.

So cheers to "Scottish Highlands, CoffeeCrush, Musical Dreams"which I hope lasts long and attracts readers.
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