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Thursday, June 18, 2009
Consequential Coincidence
Sometimes a decision can make,
Or end in a saddening fate,
Yet today it seems unabated,
And a persistent desire unsated
A dearth in time, unfettered,
Consequentially undone, unrendered.

Remember a time that stemmed the earth,
Remember a day that made your worth,
Remember a moment that made up for a world,
Remember who made it seem so simple,
Remember it was never so simple.

Perhaps, it’s better with things amiss,
With a clear sky comes no excuse to remiss.
Yet somethings seem irrational,
Illogical and definitely unintentional.
Was it a star of that mighty day?
Or the allure of an everlasting may??
No answers survive till date
For the circumstance, the lovely date.

Today, such questioning is irrelevant,
Yet the mind says innocence was existent
As hues of the future unfurl,
In tense reds and unfavoured whirl,
It seems strange, what happened,
Maybe for something eventful you yearned,
Or a serious greater purpose unheard,
For a future unmade, untold….
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