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Friday, March 16, 2007
Lacadaisical Dreams
Where dreams and reverie lie,
Can action and present survive?
For dreams can be desires,
Which seem like liars,
Lying about your future,
And the possibility of breathing life,
Into your beautiful fantasy,
Which leaves you in ecstasy.

When dreams seem freeing,
Freeing from reality,
There maybe nothing better,
But then what if you get lost?
In this world of blue frost,
Made of illusion,
And nothing but mirage,
Which gives you no chance,
To feel all that's life??
All that's real?
All that you should fear?

The desideration of your life,
May remain mere desire,
Or a passive strife,
Which may lead to disaster,
For time will be lost,
When no one will tell you,
That it may be all over,
While you look for time,
To seek assuring answers,
To all the puzzles of life,
That you created,
With your own mind.
posted by bereaved vendetta @ 3:52 AM  
  • At March 16, 2007 at 5:25 AM, Blogger CLEZEVRA said…

    love your blog's template, and the name is... well... mysteriously nice to hear!
    like your blog a lot- don't spoil it!
    the poem.. hmmm... some lines are really nice... like 'in this world of blue frost'... good imagery... well... best of luck on a new venture!

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