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Friday, June 19, 2009
Blissful Blizzards and Fantastical Frost
Failing to swim into the white snow,
Comes a deep feeling from below,
The white and silver trees outside,
Create blends of beauty in a mystic side,
The clear air fails to prevail,
In sudden upheaval the sky wails,
"Darling, run", she screams and cries,
I looked at her face, and tearful eyes,
Gripping her with might and power,
He ran through snow, wind and forest cover.
She cried and cried and her voice hovered,
Through streams, brooks, and empty bowers,
And then they were gone, like the rest of the fellows,
Remembering her today, my face turns mellow,
Beauty in peace, beauty in anguish she doled,
Into the hills and the enormous mountains folds,
Her face I will remember till blood runs cold,
Her howling wails and gentle whispers,
Her smiling face and tearful jitters,
Looking at a clear sky tonight,
I remember her in the mind,
And that violent stormy night,
Wondering where she must be now,
I flag myself in the pain of dearth,
Then a silent thought comes to mind,
"Who says she knew who was I?"
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