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Friday, March 16, 2007
Scottish frost, peak and dew
When one thinks of Scotland, imagery takes its best stand. Even when one does not get a chance to visit this fantastical land of peaks, valleys and steep sided hills, a picturesque image of beauty gleams in the mind of fascination. With floral valleys booming with wild flora, there is no end to this awe-inspiring wonder.

A riot of shades and hues not found in any other corner of the planet, flanks the mind with marvel. Moreover, swift breezes rushing through the floral grasses add a lovely feeling to this already wonderful sensation.

Poets love describling this land of the hills. They produce beautiful imagery through their verses and color our minds with imagination and delightful perceptions.

Scotland comprises of central lowlands, southern uplands and the highlands and islands. The main islands or "isles" as they are called here, are the Orkney, Shetlandand theinner and outer hebrides. Stretching all the way from low hill chains such as Broad Law and Merriot with the Cheviots seperating Britain from Scotland to high peaks like Ben Nevis (4406 ft.)

Well, why talk of geography when there are so many other better ways to describe this amazing beauty? The true Scotland lies in the scenic snowfall over the highlands, with fresh floral blooms and birds chirping in pleasant melodies. The misty air blowing over the mountains while the clouds touch the peaks.

The whistling bagpipes heard from a faraway distance, seem to be hidden in some steep slope, while the mind awoken by this melodious sound tries to locate this unusual instrument.

The friendly crowd walks inbright checks, especially skirts which are so common and popular in this region. The rich reds and theblinking blues, not leaving out the bold blacks ,the misty white and the dark coniferous green.

There is no end to this beauty, seemingly no end. One feels amazed at this picture formed in front of closed eyes. So inexplicable must this beauty be when it meets with reality and that's the power Scotland has, bringing imagination to reality.
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