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Thursday, June 25, 2009
When the dust settles down
The pleasure will be redeemed,
When the dust settles down clean,
It's strange when the mist clears,
The feeling is one of heartwrenching fear,
What is perceived cannot be deemed,
What may seem is a collage of dreams,
The consequence is only from circumstance,
There's careful deception and a mere trance,
Understanding is reduced to mere glance,
Then what must follow is the clear air,
Giving you a chance to move ahead,
Yet, when the mist was there,
The destination is unseemingly there,
But the human mind shall always accept,
What you care to look and assimilate,
There's no color behind the peaks!
Then says an open mind,
Which stands against waging time,
"The hue of the earth's core shall entail,
What lies behind many such tales."
Yet, the age of acceptance shall fail to prevail,
Just as the warmth of the clear May.
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