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Sunday, March 18, 2007
Robusta, Latte and my very own, Black!!
Sipping a couple of mugs of my favourite drink, I wondered today, what coffee is all about? Roasted beans, sugar for some, and ounces of milk?? Not quite sure. Coffee is not all about beans, sugar and milk, it's about that blend of different kinds of tastes and how in this battle of the tastes, one survives as victor. Well, I mean more the sugar, the more sweet, the more coffee, the more strong, the more milk, the more balanced it gets.

Well, broadly coffee is classified as Robusta and Arabica. Robusta has a a stronger flavour than Arabica with a woody aftertaste which is useful in creating blends and especially useful in instant coffee. Robusta is grown in lower altitudes. Arabica on the other hand is grown at higher altitudes. Arabica has a delicate acidic flavour, a refined aroma and a caramel aftertaste.

The different kinds of coffee are what matter more. Whether it's the rich black, the Turkish variety served in a cezve, the frothy cappuccino, the Italian Latte which maybe nothing but froth, the lesser Ristretto, the Doppio or the double espresso, choclatey mocha, the Italian Macchiato marked with a dash of milk, the milky Flat White, the Red Eye with one shot of espresso, the black eye and dead eye made with two and three shots of espresso, respectively, the Irish coffee with the dash of whiskey, the foamy Greek Frappé made with instant coffee or the iced Fréddo, there's always something for everyone.

Coffee addicts are very common these days, with children maturing into drinking coffee at early ages. At work, coffee seems to have taken the place of water. With its ability to keep one's eyes open, it has become the most popular drink in the world. But with reports of caffeine causing cancer, cardiovascular problems and diabetes in many, tea or rather green tea is stepping largely into popularity. But conradicting these reports are also reports that say that coffee being a stimulant increases blood flow and keeps the heart healthy and active.

Those who don't like coffee can also go in for something like Latte, which seems like basically foam. That's what's special about coffee, there are endless varieties and tastes to this wonderful drink and so there's always something for everyone.

What we can learn from coffee is probably the quality of having something for everyone or rather love and care for all, even those we hate. Oh well, and of course just remember the way different ingredients in different amounts creates something great always, similarly strange blends of emotions and feelings into relationships just add life and spice to our lives.
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