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Monday, September 14, 2009
Silent pleas in Connections and Co-associations
The solemn plea of a winter tale,
Started with unanimous sounds of wail,
In progressive passion they forgot to make,
Stories about the unbecoming wane,
Of Islands in prosperous isolation,
And deserts in severed destruction.

Affected by a delirious stance,
Or the daily scene of unexplored chance?
Routes of unforgotten fortunes,
Or thoughts of sailors in water wars?
What made the earth?
What stemmed its worth?
Evolution has restored its conquest,
On brain and imagination of superceded birth,
No reason to believe, no reason to not believe,
One reason to mean and a couple to demean.

Questions pondering on the earth's glory,
Forsee a future of dark mystery,
It must be confessed, that although there shall be,
Words and papers on unknown processes,
On the earth and its unchartered birth,
What caused it to bleed,certainly,
Is an unquestionable theory.
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