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Sunday, March 18, 2007
Strange Beginnings, Unknown Endings
Pondering over a strange situation,
Where the beginning would be all successful,
But an ending unknown that lies,
At the end of the beginning's dawn,
Or maybe much farther away,
In the wet sands of time.

What begins will end at some time,
For in the lives of all beginnings lie,
Endings unknown that may arrive,
As successful as the beginning note,
Or contrasting to what the start quotes,

But what does this beginning quote?
That although I am not going to row,
In my dreams and imagination anymore,
Because reality wants to take me far,
Far from my lovely fantasies,
Which put no unwanted end,
To all my desire and need,
Still there is beauty,
In this strange reality,
Which will not let go of you,
Because it wants to know you,
And why you fear residing in its nest,
So what if there is not much to treasure till end?

But what this beginning does not tell me,
Is what my ending may seem,
Why doesn't it have the power?
To foresee all ends that bring,
Conclusions to beginnings.
Yet, it may seem useless,
For the ending is unknown.
To go by instinct which says,
A disaster will show.
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