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Monday, March 19, 2007
Past, present and.... future??
No use thinking of past promises,
That you could never have fulfilled,
However hard you try,
The past has gone far by,
And the present foresees a future,
No past could have ever seen,
Useless as it may ever seem,
To crib about a past’s stream,
A stream that flows too fast,
Too fast to go away forever.

But floral kisses welcoming a future,
Unknown in existence,
But known to time,
Which has left you far behind,
Away from the present,
Far from the future.

So while you stand,
In the sands of the past,
Which may have gone too fast,
Or a bit too slow,
As the present falls into the past,
Every second of your life,
The future will remain,
In something called later,
But to think of the present,
There maybe nothing too pleasant,
Knowing the future that has to show up,
In the form of the present one day,
The future seems unpleasant,
But yet knowing that it is unknown,
There may be no need to lament,
With a mind flowering with strength,
Maybe the future won’t be so,
As my present shows,
So giving into this element called future,
Let’s wait for what’s to turn up later.
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