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Friday, April 18, 2008
A 'day'z world
Fresh daisies thrive in the world in joy,
Foreign lands await to be seen,
A universe stands unhealed,
A radiance blooms in a world filled,
With such emotion and high intention,
Laying on bed is a world tonight,
Cleansed of desire with a faith,
So pure and healing in a world so dead,
In a thirst of development I dread,
The heart pounds in a sad phase,
For unkempt is a world in its desire,
And unlimited is its want and greed,
Filled with selfish need and unbreakable shackles,
Where all this may lie,
Can a heart like mine survive,
Cold is a world in its acceptance,
Elongating a forever unbridged distance,
Loss continues to be the theme,
Pain remains unredeemed,
A desire is forever kept unsaid,
And when will it be ever said,
Or shall I dread that the world will never accept,
And keep promises, meant to be kept,
Action must follow that unending hope,
To bring life into an unending desire,
And a day in life so beautifully colored.
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