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Saturday, November 3, 2007
An Uncertain Love.
Dreams turned into desires,
When she made me smile,
A willing first time,
That I'll remember all life.

A kiss I can't forgive,
A touch I can weep for,
A love that fell apart long ago,
A fondness for someone,
A memory which keeps me alive,
And a heart drenched in desire,
And an unescapable fire,
That killed a mind of sanity,
And shattered thoughts of reality,
Left behind in a hurry,
And a future ofworry,
And something called uncertainity.

A realization then occurs,
And time freezes unexpectedly,
As phrases called out aloud,
"You loved me yesterday,
And remember me today,
In the near future of tomorrow,
But I remember in a time of all times,
You didn't realize it all while,
That it's a wait called just a while,
For a door named eternity,
In our world called reality."
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