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Sunday, October 14, 2007
Worth Valuing??
There was a time that was fine,
When everything was mine,
Today the winds fly,
Leaving behind everything dry,
A thought keeps coming to my mind,
That blinds the light around till night,
Was it actually worth all the time?
Which I could have made worthy all mine.

But today, the hills seem too steep,
And the river looks to be more deep,
A concern rattles in the mind all time,
If I could have made it to eleven at night,
For if I could have, I wouldn't have questioned,
And resultantly, I wouldn't have mentioned,
That a confession made everything bend,
And no one was ready to lend.

Now to think of an unachievable reverie,
That makes me sink into a deep melody,
Of failure, regret and constant lament,
About why I didn't make it to eleven at night,
When everything could have been easily mine.

But tonight the oceans seem to lie,
About a fate with no reply,
The skies darken, filtering the stars' light,
Telling me, soon evertything will be all right,
For acceptance is the key to life,
When everything seems to be a lonely strife.

What you hate to think of today,
Has gone by, too far away,
But it lives in a mind tonight,
Which couldn't make it to eleven at night.
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  • At October 17, 2007 at 5:31 AM, Blogger Clezevra said…

    I apologize for what I said at school today. But let me clarify; I still think that what you said amounted to calling Durga Puja stupid, only I believe everyone has a right to their opiunions concerning everything, so it was wrong of me to shout at you for thinking whatever it is you think.

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