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Friday, May 25, 2007
In Bewilderment and Thought
When confusion is the state of mind,
About what has happened around so untimed,
Slow is everything going,
And nothing is flowing,
Not only from mind and heart,
But from soul and love too,
What cannot be decided,
Will be left undecided,
Until that final moment strikes,
But is everything already decided,
In golden letters unchangeable,
What if it wasn't so?
Would have it been much more?
But life comprises of only two,
Happiness and sadness are they called,
To me it still seems so,
Everything is so best alone,
With no one else to show,
Nothing will be a race,
And everything at your pace,
No need is it to wait,
Neither is there any hate,
No need to give,
No need to take,
Neither is there any bluff,
And most of all,
There will be no love.
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