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Friday, September 28, 2007
Delirium over Destination
A time arises in one's life when you want to go away from the world and everything that comes with it. After a few weeks applying painful strategies and sleepless nights did it for the time being.. But in the long run there is too much planning to be done... Oh yes, I'm talking about exams.

After so many days, that all this strain and pain is finally over for a few two weeks, I finally get a chance to post. But today, I think of destinations or places that can pull me away for a while. It's natural to think of things like that when you're in a hopeless situation. Oh well, so is mine. Hopeless until next year. But what destinations we come across in life, stumble me to great leaps and bounds. Yesterday, I was with someone, today, I'm someone else and tomorrow, I expect to be with someone else. So whom should you actually value all life?

When I look outside the window,
I am forced to accept certain blows,
That have come with time in uneasy flow,
And created what one can call an emotional low.

Today you sit down to think,
Of the numerous times you must have blinked,
To show acceptance towards others,
And trust that you wanted to shower.

Later, when you did realize,
That things shouldn't have been,
The way they had been,
You're forced to accept,
That everything for which you wept,
Was nothing for others to be kept,
For value comes with love,
And love bonds over time,
Not months or weeks,
Or simply hours,
But years and decades,
And memories spread afar,
Lost in others you did forget,
To keep yourself above everything else.
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