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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Walnut Hues, Chocolate love and ......a Floral Kiss
The blue skies spread afar,
Hide behind the clouds high above,
Roaring is a tune in glory,
Telling is it a dreadful story,
Of castles, mansions and haunted warehouses,
Constantly underlining the underlying remorse,
Of lying about the beauty of the place,
Standing in its own grace.

Man, mankind, feared them all,
But decided not to bring them to fall,
A respect was left behind,
In the curiosity of all human minds,
For a story lay,
About the beauty that day,
That came with all that's today,
For they stand today,
Telling an untold tale,
Of a mystical feeling out of place,
That made it lose its saving grace.

(To be continued)
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