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Friday, April 11, 2008
Sadly Silent
It has been a long time, and what injustice! The eyes close in shame! A month and even more. And what reason could I have, but studies? And this doesn't end, guess what, here it went, and then, as you just began breathing, they were there again! But let's quit this crap and get to something 'nice'.

Aimlessly typing in a different style(highly prosaic):

From time and again,
The feeling is the same,
The mind blooms with a constant energy,
Unchangeable and seemingly everlasting,
You shut your eyes in a simple prayer,
'Let's hope it happens' and you left it there,
But hope will be there,
And then, hope must mature into action,
Or the hope will forever be hope in time,
And blend in a past of unfulfilled desire,
Then will you regret that after hope, action was meant,
To fullfill desire, see your dreams alive in the present,
Sadly, we remain,
In a world of hope and desire,
Some do realize, action must follow hope,
Afterall, do we want to live in dreams?
Or live our dreams?

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