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Tuesday, December 25, 2007
Destiny and Destination
It began on a frosty morning,
A misty wind brought with itself,
A misty feeling from within,
What direction have I taken to,
What could happen if I knew?
Walk along the snow and heavy wood,
Breaking mystery wherever I stood,
Aimlessly creating footsteps,
On wet snow that never seemed wetter,
Cause a feeling swallows down happiness,
And left me in a blue and a sort of drowsiness,
Time has gone and will keep going,
Taking with it all the memory making,
Leaving behind the finished memories,
Of drives and trips and mountaineering,
The specialness of every moment,
Cannot be savored anymore,
Cause when time takes away something,
It brings with itself something,
That maybe desired or undesired,
The final destination will follow,
And destiny has been decided,
What else is left to decide?

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