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Thursday, September 24, 2009
Destination Impertinent
"Dock daisies dullen in the day."
I saw in the world, a growing disdain,
It creeps in minds in worthwile pain,
It tires the shoulder in an unbecoming feign.

No cause, No pause in vigorous thought,
A subjective futility to the cause cropped,
No face, no age shall thereby bring,
A reason to delineate the situation in being.
Who shall withstand the disasters to spring?
In the present, in the future, in an uncertain brink?
Yet the cause of all mercy is unloaded sympathy,
For what reason should we stop believing in empathy?

The vital cause has died in vain,
In perturbation we make no gain,
Yet to cease in this undying pace,
There is debt to keep running this race.

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