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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Because Life is Unfair
How hard do you try, leaving no stone unturned for making something happen. You put your mind, body and soul into it and then keep hoping that everything should be done, it will be flawless! But then what happens, everything can just turn into crap and you can keep watching that happen and making yourself feel horrible and even more horrible as each floor of the building falls one after the other.

Hmm. So what can we finally do to ensure that nothing may go wrong? Absolutely nothing! Should we say, there's possibly no solution to this? So is that why, perfection does not exist? This is a little offbeat, but let's proceed. Or is it so that we haven't defined anything as perfection or layed any clear cut borders in which this may lie. Or are we trying to make it very clear, that human beings are just another species incapable of being perfect, rather perfection is just out of our reach and the story must end there.

But I wonder, what would be going in the mind of this very very positive person for whom , it doesn't even pinch if his desires are shattered. Have we been designed to be submissive and inferior? Is that supernatural energy that guides the universe and its positions moulded us in a manner that we cannot achieve what we must want always, for some reason, that we must forever be thirsty in desire and ambition. Or could it just imply something else? Maybe, maybe.......
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  • At May 21, 2008 at 10:33 AM, Blogger sam said…

    Hi Sarah,
    I read some of the interesting posting, quite accidentally, but find it riveting..."Because Life is Unfair" in particular is an elegy about the futile quest of human mankind to attain perfection…and since it is an impossible theme the whole idea of being perfectionist in this imperfect world is itself illusory or a hogwash…”that human beings are just another species incapable of being perfect, rather perfection is just out of our reach and the story must end there.” Seems to reflect this false hope…
    The notion of achieving perfection in social life or at an individual plane is an extremely desirable idea for many because it imbues the market philosophy and ethos that at best reflected by the adage “survival of the fittest”…those who are imperfect are not fit to live seem to be the credo. Individuals compete in the labor market guided by market incentives that create a mania to be first in the competition i.e. to be on top of hierarchy (to be among the ruling class). To compete, to excel to be perfectionist all rolled into the same thing guides an individual to be first in the rat race. It is not just an expression of an egoistic desire of an individual but also ultimately a reflection of a social relation that capitalism engenders. That anyone can win in the capitalist lottery system provided he/she should work hard is a myth that essentially helps in sustaining the illusion that everyone has equal means and capabilities in the society but only those who are more smarter goes on top and achieve success and those who are below the ladder are themselves responsible for their fate…what I’m trying to say finally that the moral-philosophical critique of the whole madness behind achieving perfection in social life could also be located into the dynamics and the contours of the social structure i.e. capitalism.

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