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Tuesday, April 29, 2008
An End Unknown
The stars seem to twinkle,
In a world of their own and mingle,
With a darkness they do so beat,
And yet so unbeaten is this darkness,
But what does tell us of the impossible,
Is the sun which makes this possible,
Rising in a tinge of orangish red,
Into lives and time so differently led.

Millions try and manage to hide,
Into a cozy blanket on a warm side,
But so defeated are we in all action,
That it takes the sun's energy of a mere fraction,
To bring life into day,
That forever in time we may,
Never realize that mystical power,
Of a cycle in nature at every hour,
It holds you in every action it does,
And guides you into every moment that comes,
Lest, we still fail to appreciate,
That energy that steers us to our fate,
Then there is only one that will prevail,
And stall everything that shall entail,
A war in nature with such unnatural sights,
Of demons and ghosts and medieaval knights,
The ultimate is already known,
For haven't we been shown,
What we have already surmised?
As an end to life,
That will gradually die,
And so painfully end,
In a near future of our own,
That we are so unwilling to own.
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