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Monday, May 5, 2008
Acceptance and Choice
'I wait and wait, but how long can a soul wait, surely, not for eternity.' So, this was just a silent thought that beamed through my mind today and will not make sense with the post..

I really, don't see how anyone, no matter whoever, can do what they wouldn't like to do or wouldn't want to do. How unenlightened and already doomed is the world. There is no light, no thirst for knowledge, no freedom and no will to gain it. We all seem to be living for the sake of all others. We do things for others. Just admit, we breathe for others. And at a later stage, you can just be forced to feel satisfied and happy about your life. Why and why? Can a human being never understand or know what she or he may actually want? It is sad, that having the right to be an individual from a species which is known to be the only one to have the ability to think, reason out and have feelings, we still fall prey to circumstances and people...

We admire someone, we like someone, we need someone and why? Just because we want to be dependent on someone or tell the world , look I admire her!
For the sake of admiring someone? Or because inside out you admire him or her?We have created such a deadly mirage in our own minds and in front of the world, surely, there is no charm or grace in anything we do, because whatever we do, is outside our will. You can have selfishness and materialism on one side, but this is certainly not what i'm speaking about. I'm talking about clarity and unity in thought and action.

We would rather accept what we have than use the right to choose between what we want and what we don't. We want certain things, but we wrong ourselves to such an extent that we will try and feel satisfied that we can't have them because whatever the reason may be.

If this seems pretty bizzare and senseless to you, skip it, use your right to choose!
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  • At May 16, 2008 at 6:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    okay, so now you really are reading too much ayn rand. but it has such a different effect on you. when i resd it, it makes me want to do what i want even more, knowing it's the right thing, and that i can achieve it. i find so many parallels btw my thoughts and hers.

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