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Sunday, May 18, 2008
A lustre we have lost
The day begins as always, a colour in itself, dragging you by the afternoon, evening, late evening and the dull nights. Surely, move along, accept and live. While the door opens, the sound of life comes to you, the first time in the day. Yes, something has begun, and do we realize, it has? Everyday we get a choice to live, to do something and believe. Turn everything upside down, or right to left, it means the same thing. There are a million facets to a single thing, but what do you want to look at? Perhaps, that is what distinguishes us, from each other. Not our appearance or the shade of skin we have but the ideals that we stand for and the philosophy we follow in life. Better off,' my choice', which makes me different from you. I have been born into something with certain qualities, attributes and a character,but my choices, the way I would want to do things will definitely surpass all this.

You have conflicts, between people, between nations, but the hardest ones to resolve are the ones between you and yourself. However hard we try to portray ourselves as another, or for that matter, do what we dislike, it will finally end up in a mound of failures and unending dissappointment, and above that, an unresolved conflict between my character, my mind, my actions and my desires.
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