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Monday, May 19, 2008
An ignorance that was not bliss.
A notion was forgotten in time,
We kept rolling over and over,
And ended up on the same cover,
For a damn story of a narcotic lover,
Who cried and moaned, in and out,
And drank till it dawned a night,
Creating a meaningless impossibility,
And apologies of a nearly saddening story.

'Goodnight, goodbye', I parted with him,
'Last late night drink, mate' and fell off the brim,
No saviour of any kind did fly,
To save my friend, now for whom I only cry,
There were no flowers, no attempts or tries,
No coffin, no stopping or no mourn or cries,
Not a single passerby did dare to decide,
Between the gloomy road and my friend's hide,
Let me not deny, I did too try,
But in vain, it followed a painful sigh
'Goodnight, goodbye', I repeated
And from him I forever parted.

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