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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Precious Presents
I've always wondered how important certain things can be in life, certain special things that we got with time, not materialistic exactly but emotion and feeling. Considering I appreciate more of a thought or a feeling than a gift wrapped in tens of ribbons. Few have the knowledge to understand and appreciate such a present. With such a materialistic world about, one could wonder where is the space for ourselves, if life is just about making profits and counting the losses? We try to take out time for our own self, but that doesn't ever happen does it? Ok, that's like diverging from the main theme, but definitely even a moment we take out for ourselves is such a precious present we do treasure all life. 'Yes, we did try and understand ourself', someday we can say.

Someone who listens to you, tries to understand you, appreciates you and helps you feel better, these are some special someones who are invaluable to life. After all what does it sum upto? Will you remember some long ago present given to you by some friend of yours which still lies in your cupboard, or a special someone who helped you understand yourself better, or maybe just some freedom or independence that you got over time?

Feeling, love, emotion, freedom, care, which we sometimes want and value more than anything else. A special color that's always reflected in your life and absorbed you into it. A desire of venturing somewhere or doing something you've always wanted to do.From the other side, today you made somebody feel special, yesterday you wiped someone's tear, tomorrow, you will give someone time to feel better and rethink. Some priceless things we learn to value through life.

So what's your choice? Something that's forever there? Or something that you value and you treasure for some reason that you wanted it all along life?
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