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Friday, October 2, 2009
Courtiers Undeterred??
There were ten in the beginning,
Waiting for the queen in waiting,
They promised to make their way,
Upto the final wedding day.
So optimism shall be good today,
Yet, only one shall remain.

She wore a blue dress,
And confessed to make no mess,
But who new the theories behind proposal,
Were not merely money and clever disposal,
But to woo an unwilling queen required,
An exquisite charm beyond it all
Some call it uncleaved fortitude,
Others call it the grit of civilization.

Who could make the most,
Out of this sound silly show,
Was a careless uncertain drove,
Which laughed and joyed among the uproar,
And cawed about with every passing crow.
The ending is one of misfortune they say,
Should I agree, I can't say,
I sigh and sigh in unrendered dismay,
She vowed to never take anymore of that day....

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