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Friday, February 8, 2008
Between being Critical, Criticism and Critical Analysis
Wonder where criticism comes from? Hmm.. We probably criticize something or someone because we don't like something, because we find fault with it. What about being critical. Is being CRITICAL=CRITICISM or does it imply on JUDGING something. Some thoughts make you think criticism arises from critical analysis.

What's the deal about critical analysis and being critical. Critical analysis is to analyse something critically, or to be critical in a way. So can we say CRITICAL ANALYSIS=BEING CRITICAL. Not quite justified. Being critical is definitely different from analysing critically. When you analyse critically, you are critical but you may not be talking about the analysis to the person about which you are commenting, which is when you become critical.

The last slot, Criticism and critical analysis, well, definitely different, criticism arises from analysing something critically. Criticism≠ Critical Analysis

Now whatever they all mean, let's give you a break!

What's your take?
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