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Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Below the Sea and the Depth of Thought
Creation and the creator, they say, are the most vital components of the universe. Yet the creator could be just nothing but the creation itself. Evolution is a most remarkable theory of the creation of life.

Today, the mind gages at the future,uncertain to every being. The green leaves glow in splendor as the city constantly continues to receive heavy rain... Yet, the rain brings with it an inevitable message of climatic change and global warming, a message of an unhopeful future, a message of a dying earth.

The frequency and erratic behaviour of the rain has left us with such unanswerable questions, which force us to believe the end is near, and how near? No one can tell.

The irony remains, how everything began with such drastic weather patterns to trigger evolution will also wipe out the entire species. Yet, hope remains, but on what basis??
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Saturday, August 16, 2008
In long lost slumber.
In beginning a new phase we have forgone,
Something special and unique all along,
But what comes across meeting people and places,
Is a big world out there, contrasting to a world of ours,
Where have we lost ourselves into,
A dreary desert or a restless sea?
An unacceptable world or an unbecoming one?

Some people do manage to say,
Some puzzling riddles day to day,
That makes us think, 'why on earth?'
But yes, in a matter of seasons and time,
Things turn the other way around,
And supposedly the pieces start to fit.
Then as usual it's just too late,
And so let's just begin all over again,
Or roar about what has gone and come.

Yet, some around continue to tell the tale,
Of the worst, the future, and the present state.
Unconvinced still, in hope of time to pass,
As it came and brought with it memories to last.

The future is there, the past was there,
But the present is where? maybe somewhere....
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