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Thursday, September 24, 2009
Destination Impertinent
"Dock daisies dullen in the day."
I saw in the world, a growing disdain,
It creeps in minds in worthwile pain,
It tires the shoulder in an unbecoming feign.

No cause, No pause in vigorous thought,
A subjective futility to the cause cropped,
No face, no age shall thereby bring,
A reason to delineate the situation in being.
Who shall withstand the disasters to spring?
In the present, in the future, in an uncertain brink?
Yet the cause of all mercy is unloaded sympathy,
For what reason should we stop believing in empathy?

The vital cause has died in vain,
In perturbation we make no gain,
Yet to cease in this undying pace,
There is debt to keep running this race.

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Monday, September 21, 2009
Cold Collusion...........
It was deception, or maybe a bit more than that. Her eyes were still, silent and unbroken. There was light peering through the window reflecting on her eyes. The snow was melting, the trees were verdant with fresh foliage and color.

"What's the point of this?" She raised a knife mid-air.

"Did you know anyone, there?"

"No, I was just a passerby."

"What must have happened that day?"

"Who should know?", she screamed.

"You made an entry into that house, that day."

"Yes, on the 24th of December."

"Why would you do that? Why did you go there?"

"For my daughter."

"Why did your daughter go there?"

"She can go anywhere if she wishes to."

"But as a mother, you must know about her whereabouts."

"It's freedom I've granted her."

"To a six year old?"


"You could be arrested in the name of being an irresponsible parent."

"I could, but I won't."

"What makes you say that?"


"Are you trying to play around with the law? Citizenship does not guarantee you absolute protection."

"No, It doesn't."

"Let's get this straight lady. Just answer one question, in your manner of yes or no. Did you murder the family?"


"Aren't you lying?"

"There is no basis."

"No basis for arresting you?"

"No basis in your questioning me."

"Now you're going to teach me, how I should be questioning you!"


"Just admit it, you're guilty. Make my job easy."

"That's not my job."

"Anyway, you're going to be questioned for investigation."

"Not, under my permission."

"Under the permission of the authorities."

"Your authorities, not mine!"

"And who's your authority?"


"Well, lady, sorry, you're going to have to come with me."

"I won't."

"Bad for you."

The winds wrestled among the woods, a faint echo of pain sounded within them.

It was pure deception.

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Monday, September 14, 2009
Silent pleas in Connections and Co-associations
The solemn plea of a winter tale,
Started with unanimous sounds of wail,
In progressive passion they forgot to make,
Stories about the unbecoming wane,
Of Islands in prosperous isolation,
And deserts in severed destruction.

Affected by a delirious stance,
Or the daily scene of unexplored chance?
Routes of unforgotten fortunes,
Or thoughts of sailors in water wars?
What made the earth?
What stemmed its worth?
Evolution has restored its conquest,
On brain and imagination of superceded birth,
No reason to believe, no reason to not believe,
One reason to mean and a couple to demean.

Questions pondering on the earth's glory,
Forsee a future of dark mystery,
It must be confessed, that although there shall be,
Words and papers on unknown processes,
On the earth and its unchartered birth,
What caused it to bleed,certainly,
Is an unquestionable theory.
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