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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
There was a time.......

Tender hands sweep the dust,
Reminding one of a certain lust,
Yes there was a time, yes there was,
Today the field is green,The hay has been ground,
The manure has been layed,
The rain showers to bless,
Yet, the field is flowerless,
But there was a time, yes, there was.
The room is empty today,
There is nothing to be there for,
Except the suffocating memories,
Painful and tearful they are,
There is nothing to renew in spirit,
Things have gone, the way they went,
The way they generally do,
Then again , it doesn't happen with a few,
The wind will sweep the leaves some day,
Yet, there was a time, yes, there was.
The window reflects a complex hue,
Some color yet, monochrome,
Is there no answer to this unending riddle?
Or will there never be?
Yet, there was a time, yes, there was......
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