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Wednesday, December 31, 2008
A New Year Message
A frosty morning in waiting,
In turbulence obliterating,
A year behind we are leaving,
In solemn and peace availing,
A joy to breathe and sing,Yet a silence to dampen everything,
In solitude, we sink down in pain,
What is new that is left to feign?
Feelings that are all unnamed,
Or rituals for corpses that were detained,
In priceless fusion, the sun reforms,
In dreaded delirium, the world ends,
In sullen renewal it rebounds,
Yet, glory cannot fail to prevail,
In earth and sand of rock unveiled,
In gigantic frames of New Year ’s Day,
There’s something within the fields,
Within the spectrum’s hewing feats
Not much is left to be said,
For the future is there, waiting for the tread,
Good night, goodbye fella’s
Welcome everything that’s ahead of us,
Promise to forget the year behind,
But do keep certain things in mind,
Then again, stay put, for a new venture,
And remember to keep every indenture,
In good tidings and joy let’s submit,
To a new year in renewed spirit,
Yet bid adieu to the former, receding,
Into the blankness of the past,
Into an amorphous form,
Yet this forms a passion today,
In the world, in hearts and minds of retention,
They call it
grandes recuerdos* if I may...
In a certain fervor of writing the moment,
I wish to close the notes,
And wish in the simplest of tones,

un felice e prospero anno nuovo (Italiano)

#####Ok I promised to keep it simple,#####

Wishing you prosperity and joy for the new year!!

*grandes recuerdos: grand memories in Spanish
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