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Tuesday, February 16, 2010
In the Break of Dawn??
Through the phases of rebounding fights,
With cognitive conjecture the world surrenders,
There's the fight of a Man against a Nation,
And the news of the jurors comes from far,
The battle is far from imminent,
Yet survivors from the east come to fight,
In anguish they fall to the Gods of Amen,
Not that there's nothing to look forward to then ,
She runs into the temples of Ra,
Sounding sorrows from her Sunday vow,
The man does come, wailing for her,
Knights surmounted on dunes surpassed,
A whisk, a push, a fall, a call,
The world fell unto a felted disgrace,
He died, she died...

Who should tell them the war had only just begun!
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A strange medley of what I can give the world of my greatest possession, creative writing.
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