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Sunday, September 28, 2008
If there was a need to say.... goodbye
Then the day that promised to come,
Drew nearer to the tunnel's end
You realized what had happened now,
Some new issue of a love befriend,
Had become the subject of conversation,
To others and to the befriended,
Yet, you shall fail to see,
Someone beyond you,
It is funny, isn't it?
How accustomed you had become,
To clear your throat and say it'll be fine,
For of course you knew the day would come,
As it was known and very well said,
That there would be light at the mighty height.
But who should care to know,
That it was night when the summit was reached,
Then there was no value for what was preached.
So, afterall, it had to become dark again,
With it life lost its meaning,
So say goodbye to something so seeming,
The light dulls into a silent night,
Well now there's no one to fight,
So, is there a need to say goodbye???
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