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Monday, March 19, 2007
Past, present and.... future??
No use thinking of past promises,
That you could never have fulfilled,
However hard you try,
The past has gone far by,
And the present foresees a future,
No past could have ever seen,
Useless as it may ever seem,
To crib about a past’s stream,
A stream that flows too fast,
Too fast to go away forever.

But floral kisses welcoming a future,
Unknown in existence,
But known to time,
Which has left you far behind,
Away from the present,
Far from the future.

So while you stand,
In the sands of the past,
Which may have gone too fast,
Or a bit too slow,
As the present falls into the past,
Every second of your life,
The future will remain,
In something called later,
But to think of the present,
There maybe nothing too pleasant,
Knowing the future that has to show up,
In the form of the present one day,
The future seems unpleasant,
But yet knowing that it is unknown,
There may be no need to lament,
With a mind flowering with strength,
Maybe the future won’t be so,
As my present shows,
So giving into this element called future,
Let’s wait for what’s to turn up later.
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Sunday, March 18, 2007
Strange Beginnings, Unknown Endings
Pondering over a strange situation,
Where the beginning would be all successful,
But an ending unknown that lies,
At the end of the beginning's dawn,
Or maybe much farther away,
In the wet sands of time.

What begins will end at some time,
For in the lives of all beginnings lie,
Endings unknown that may arrive,
As successful as the beginning note,
Or contrasting to what the start quotes,

But what does this beginning quote?
That although I am not going to row,
In my dreams and imagination anymore,
Because reality wants to take me far,
Far from my lovely fantasies,
Which put no unwanted end,
To all my desire and need,
Still there is beauty,
In this strange reality,
Which will not let go of you,
Because it wants to know you,
And why you fear residing in its nest,
So what if there is not much to treasure till end?

But what this beginning does not tell me,
Is what my ending may seem,
Why doesn't it have the power?
To foresee all ends that bring,
Conclusions to beginnings.
Yet, it may seem useless,
For the ending is unknown.
To go by instinct which says,
A disaster will show.
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Robusta, Latte and my very own, Black!!
Sipping a couple of mugs of my favourite drink, I wondered today, what coffee is all about? Roasted beans, sugar for some, and ounces of milk?? Not quite sure. Coffee is not all about beans, sugar and milk, it's about that blend of different kinds of tastes and how in this battle of the tastes, one survives as victor. Well, I mean more the sugar, the more sweet, the more coffee, the more strong, the more milk, the more balanced it gets.

Well, broadly coffee is classified as Robusta and Arabica. Robusta has a a stronger flavour than Arabica with a woody aftertaste which is useful in creating blends and especially useful in instant coffee. Robusta is grown in lower altitudes. Arabica on the other hand is grown at higher altitudes. Arabica has a delicate acidic flavour, a refined aroma and a caramel aftertaste.

The different kinds of coffee are what matter more. Whether it's the rich black, the Turkish variety served in a cezve, the frothy cappuccino, the Italian Latte which maybe nothing but froth, the lesser Ristretto, the Doppio or the double espresso, choclatey mocha, the Italian Macchiato marked with a dash of milk, the milky Flat White, the Red Eye with one shot of espresso, the black eye and dead eye made with two and three shots of espresso, respectively, the Irish coffee with the dash of whiskey, the foamy Greek Frappé made with instant coffee or the iced Fréddo, there's always something for everyone.

Coffee addicts are very common these days, with children maturing into drinking coffee at early ages. At work, coffee seems to have taken the place of water. With its ability to keep one's eyes open, it has become the most popular drink in the world. But with reports of caffeine causing cancer, cardiovascular problems and diabetes in many, tea or rather green tea is stepping largely into popularity. But conradicting these reports are also reports that say that coffee being a stimulant increases blood flow and keeps the heart healthy and active.

Those who don't like coffee can also go in for something like Latte, which seems like basically foam. That's what's special about coffee, there are endless varieties and tastes to this wonderful drink and so there's always something for everyone.

What we can learn from coffee is probably the quality of having something for everyone or rather love and care for all, even those we hate. Oh well, and of course just remember the way different ingredients in different amounts creates something great always, similarly strange blends of emotions and feelings into relationships just add life and spice to our lives.
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Saturday, March 17, 2007
How powerful are my letters??
Letters may seem simply alphabets comprising of strange lines and curves combining with others to form words. But is that all letters are about? Letters are about complex arrangements in various orders to form pronounceable words.

The formation of words is largely the responsibility letters have. Words are created with letters. And this way, it's each letter that gives into the whole word to bring that word into existence.

Scrabble is a game widely popular, spanning across all continents, a wonderful brain teaser and a brain stormer. It enriches the quality of words that come into your mind at first shot. Where the weakest may think of words like "of", " cat" , "small", the mediocre thinks of "complex", " tackle", "trend" and the advanced level thinkers have words like, " tempest", "bulletin" and " illusion" and what not. But what you can see here, are the words that come to a mind at first shot. When thought more, the better.

So, let's take an example of these set of seven letters"A, L, K, D,R,E,E"
At first sight, the weaker player thinks of words like "red" or "reed" while after a while he thinks,"real" and "deal"

The mediocre's thoughts tell him to go for something like, "lake" and "rake" while the advanced player would think of something like," leader", "drake" or something like that.

But you would ask me, why I talk of scrabble when I'm telling you about the power of words?
Scrabble is the best game to realize this power. The frustration that is felt when one letter is missing from your "50 points" word plan, is the time you realize a letter's importance. A letter is no game we play with everyday. It's significance is felt only when such a game is played.

Words cannot be formed without letters. Ever imagined what would happen to "Score" if the letter'c' wasn't present? It would become "sore" and what if we put that 'c' in place of 's' ?
It's easy playing with words. Oh! What a paradox? Where words are no mere lines and curves, they are playful blocks of sentences. What we can do with one letter in a word maybe just a bit too much.

What about onomatopoeia? What strength do words have? To help pronounce words matching what they mean. "Roar" wouldn't have been roar without the "r" in the beginning and the end.
Let's take another example of poems with onomatopoeia. Edgar Allen Poe's "Bells" wouldn't have been so without the "t"s in "tintinabulation" Poets use onomatopoeia as a device to produce rhythm and along with that to bring life into the poem.

Then the other day my friend called me, "Sarah Souffle" like, ' Saarah Souffl'. That was insulting. How the absence of a letter and the presence of one extra letter creates a difference in the way you pronounce a name and well insult a person too!!

Some ask me, why I write ,"Sárah Soufflé" instead of "Sarah Souffle". Here comes the importance of the bar on the 'a' and the 'e' which means so much to me and to pronounciation. The bar represents how a word should be pronounced, and well in this case, how my name should be pronounced. So, those two bars mean a lot to me, when it's too easy for the world to call me," Saarah Souffl" rather than "Sárah Soufflé" where the "a" with a bar literally turns into "e" during pronounciation and the"e" at the end pulls the last name.

I know I got obsessive about my name. But these are ways I came to know the importance of my letters which remain no mere curves and lines for me.

What letters have taught me is not only that, but also the importance insignificant people have in our lives. It's what letters have taught me. How important is a person, maybe a faraway relative or cousin or an old friend who taught you how to sing a simple tune that you could've never got without him or her. As letters weave words, and in the processes sentences, people weave relationships and memories and precious moments that may not last forever.
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Friday, March 16, 2007
Scottish frost, peak and dew
When one thinks of Scotland, imagery takes its best stand. Even when one does not get a chance to visit this fantastical land of peaks, valleys and steep sided hills, a picturesque image of beauty gleams in the mind of fascination. With floral valleys booming with wild flora, there is no end to this awe-inspiring wonder.

A riot of shades and hues not found in any other corner of the planet, flanks the mind with marvel. Moreover, swift breezes rushing through the floral grasses add a lovely feeling to this already wonderful sensation.

Poets love describling this land of the hills. They produce beautiful imagery through their verses and color our minds with imagination and delightful perceptions.

Scotland comprises of central lowlands, southern uplands and the highlands and islands. The main islands or "isles" as they are called here, are the Orkney, Shetlandand theinner and outer hebrides. Stretching all the way from low hill chains such as Broad Law and Merriot with the Cheviots seperating Britain from Scotland to high peaks like Ben Nevis (4406 ft.)

Well, why talk of geography when there are so many other better ways to describe this amazing beauty? The true Scotland lies in the scenic snowfall over the highlands, with fresh floral blooms and birds chirping in pleasant melodies. The misty air blowing over the mountains while the clouds touch the peaks.

The whistling bagpipes heard from a faraway distance, seem to be hidden in some steep slope, while the mind awoken by this melodious sound tries to locate this unusual instrument.

The friendly crowd walks inbright checks, especially skirts which are so common and popular in this region. The rich reds and theblinking blues, not leaving out the bold blacks ,the misty white and the dark coniferous green.

There is no end to this beauty, seemingly no end. One feels amazed at this picture formed in front of closed eyes. So inexplicable must this beauty be when it meets with reality and that's the power Scotland has, bringing imagination to reality.
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Lacadaisical Dreams
Where dreams and reverie lie,
Can action and present survive?
For dreams can be desires,
Which seem like liars,
Lying about your future,
And the possibility of breathing life,
Into your beautiful fantasy,
Which leaves you in ecstasy.

When dreams seem freeing,
Freeing from reality,
There maybe nothing better,
But then what if you get lost?
In this world of blue frost,
Made of illusion,
And nothing but mirage,
Which gives you no chance,
To feel all that's life??
All that's real?
All that you should fear?

The desideration of your life,
May remain mere desire,
Or a passive strife,
Which may lead to disaster,
For time will be lost,
When no one will tell you,
That it may be all over,
While you look for time,
To seek assuring answers,
To all the puzzles of life,
That you created,
With your own mind.
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For a change
Today, I started a new blog with inspiration from one of my dear friends. Well, why did I do this? I decided to start something that everyone would read, understand and well, appreciate. I had to do that. I felt I should open up and write for the world. As my earlier blog will still be running as melange with all about me, which I'm sure is boring.

'Melange' is an outlet to my life and so, it remains special to me and precious. It's a beautiful thing I possess and respect.

Well, now as I start blogging on Scottish Highlands, Coffee Crush, Musical Dreams which is all for you readers, so that you can read what I write and comment.

Why I choose such a name? This is because these three elements have always fascinated me in my life. They have made me think better too. Oh yes, so the significance here is, to make the world think better about me and what I write. Not the same usual crap, like I write in my public diaries.

So cheers to "Scottish Highlands, CoffeeCrush, Musical Dreams"which I hope lasts long and attracts readers.
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A strange medley of what I can give the world of my greatest possession, creative writing.
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