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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Desire a dream
Locked behind a strange door,
That closes when light strikes the floor,
The morn forever will entail,
Of a lust in time that shall never prevail,
A color will forever disappear from the present,
And dwell into a corner of the mind,
Of a memorable time once in hand,
And today, you will not stand,
That time and again it is the same,
A silent distance forever encompasses,
In between the two sides of the field,
Forever it lay in an unopenable trunk,
Quietness was the only season known,
But who will dare to open it?
Who will dare to keep it lit?
Don't trust me, but I will...
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Monday, May 19, 2008
An ignorance that was not bliss.
A notion was forgotten in time,
We kept rolling over and over,
And ended up on the same cover,
For a damn story of a narcotic lover,
Who cried and moaned, in and out,
And drank till it dawned a night,
Creating a meaningless impossibility,
And apologies of a nearly saddening story.

'Goodnight, goodbye', I parted with him,
'Last late night drink, mate' and fell off the brim,
No saviour of any kind did fly,
To save my friend, now for whom I only cry,
There were no flowers, no attempts or tries,
No coffin, no stopping or no mourn or cries,
Not a single passerby did dare to decide,
Between the gloomy road and my friend's hide,
Let me not deny, I did too try,
But in vain, it followed a painful sigh
'Goodnight, goodbye', I repeated
And from him I forever parted.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008
A lustre we have lost
The day begins as always, a colour in itself, dragging you by the afternoon, evening, late evening and the dull nights. Surely, move along, accept and live. While the door opens, the sound of life comes to you, the first time in the day. Yes, something has begun, and do we realize, it has? Everyday we get a choice to live, to do something and believe. Turn everything upside down, or right to left, it means the same thing. There are a million facets to a single thing, but what do you want to look at? Perhaps, that is what distinguishes us, from each other. Not our appearance or the shade of skin we have but the ideals that we stand for and the philosophy we follow in life. Better off,' my choice', which makes me different from you. I have been born into something with certain qualities, attributes and a character,but my choices, the way I would want to do things will definitely surpass all this.

You have conflicts, between people, between nations, but the hardest ones to resolve are the ones between you and yourself. However hard we try to portray ourselves as another, or for that matter, do what we dislike, it will finally end up in a mound of failures and unending dissappointment, and above that, an unresolved conflict between my character, my mind, my actions and my desires.
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Saturday, May 17, 2008
The dreary side of ourselves
Color me pink or color me yellow, I am still the same, blue. Try harder and fail harder, your life is nothing but a faint candle being blown off by a wind. You talk of colors, I talk of shades. You say hues and I say red, yellow and blue. We mean the same thing, and yet we express it in different ways. And doesn't this happen quite often along life? We seethe in a monotony of not being able to express ourselves or convey the right meaning to the other. And the 'best'part is she wants to say or mean exactly the same thing.

Human life is beautiful for we are the supreme species having the ability to express ourselves, yet how does that distance come into being? Or why do we lose ourselves so much to others, that we forget what we want and what we like.
Ok, I know, this is a bit too much.. I should call myself, just a bit too thoughtful these days.......
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Monday, May 5, 2008
Acceptance and Choice
'I wait and wait, but how long can a soul wait, surely, not for eternity.' So, this was just a silent thought that beamed through my mind today and will not make sense with the post..

I really, don't see how anyone, no matter whoever, can do what they wouldn't like to do or wouldn't want to do. How unenlightened and already doomed is the world. There is no light, no thirst for knowledge, no freedom and no will to gain it. We all seem to be living for the sake of all others. We do things for others. Just admit, we breathe for others. And at a later stage, you can just be forced to feel satisfied and happy about your life. Why and why? Can a human being never understand or know what she or he may actually want? It is sad, that having the right to be an individual from a species which is known to be the only one to have the ability to think, reason out and have feelings, we still fall prey to circumstances and people...

We admire someone, we like someone, we need someone and why? Just because we want to be dependent on someone or tell the world , look I admire her!
For the sake of admiring someone? Or because inside out you admire him or her?We have created such a deadly mirage in our own minds and in front of the world, surely, there is no charm or grace in anything we do, because whatever we do, is outside our will. You can have selfishness and materialism on one side, but this is certainly not what i'm speaking about. I'm talking about clarity and unity in thought and action.

We would rather accept what we have than use the right to choose between what we want and what we don't. We want certain things, but we wrong ourselves to such an extent that we will try and feel satisfied that we can't have them because whatever the reason may be.

If this seems pretty bizzare and senseless to you, skip it, use your right to choose!
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