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Thursday, June 26, 2008
In a Flavour of Goodbye
The air is one of farewell and goodbye. Those days are finally over and in a transition phase lets await the new beginning. Yet, bold, yet delightful but may not be so if there is any sort of low....

In a certain transition, awaiting,
A new beginning in waiting,
A color presides in the air,
Reminding of what may never be there,
Yet the cold, dewy wind shall persist,
In creating mystery through a certain mist,
A fair mist in an unbecoming world,
That we leave far away in a dearth,
A dearth of a farewell too pleasant,
In keeping certain promises existent,
Promises to remember every day,
Every instance and every game play,
But staying in touch seems far far away,
As there seemingly is no parting pain,
Yet, a promise to never remain aloof,
I keep in hope of atleast some ruth,
So goodbye, as they say, in a modest manner,
Do try and remember me forever.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
On a Cynical Note
Today there is no window,
Beside which she can sit though,
There is a thin film of rust,
Covering concocted mysteries in dust.

The past was a mixed phase,
In neglect and some laze,
Yet things seemed to be fine,
As there was hope forever in mind,
A hope to outshine and knockdown the world,
A world which never saw her strength,
And dwelled on the weaknesses that never meant.

And the day did finally come,
As she smiled at all that was done,
Yet a skeptic world was there,
To forever oppose her way and bear,
Contemptuous grudges against someone so rare.

Today the world is the same,
But she has swelled in fame,
For those who managed to notice,
Her ambition and talent though this,
Shall forever be regarded in time,
For an ability that is in a few,
Of gratitude and appreciation, nothing new,
Can earn respect the way they do.

Yet the world shall remain the same,
And always dwell on the popular name,
Being a critique to the poorer man,
And praising the rich for buying more lanD,
Land to extend industrial happening,
And kill an earth's sole living,
Who should care anyway?
The world shall forever remain the same.
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