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Thursday, December 17, 2009
The Penchant of Rendition
The Story of an event lay,
In the fog of a sublime day.
Restfully the events unfold,
Through days, time and ages manifold.

So the day begins,
In the vigor of seasons,
And hues of Espanol,
Indeed the setting is such,
And the world is rather mush,
The pennyreal is clearly made,
The wry air seems to prevail,
The tale of the king reclaims,
The anguish of his mighty days,
So, there is nothing to hold today,
As there was nothing in hold that day..

The Rendition ended in a funny way,
And the king continued to hail the Historic day.
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Thursday, December 3, 2009
A Story of War
In the depth of concoted dreams lies,
A story of unworldy ties,
Yes, the stream of the River Thames thrives,
In a beauty of worldy rivers beside,
The heavenly creature of Gothic Wars,
Amidst the lifeless bodies lies,
Birds, beaks and solemn cries,
From people, worlds and hideous crimes,
Yes, the story of that day prevails,
In the solemn hearts of the world today.
The tales of soldiers and emperors prevails,
In contrasing revelations to keep its way.
Yet, I can't seem to forget that day,
That reminds me of a world in pain...
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