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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Walnut Hues, Chocolate love and ......a Floral Kiss
The blue skies spread afar,
Hide behind the clouds high above,
Roaring is a tune in glory,
Telling is it a dreadful story,
Of castles, mansions and haunted warehouses,
Constantly underlining the underlying remorse,
Of lying about the beauty of the place,
Standing in its own grace.

Man, mankind, feared them all,
But decided not to bring them to fall,
A respect was left behind,
In the curiosity of all human minds,
For a story lay,
About the beauty that day,
That came with all that's today,
For they stand today,
Telling an untold tale,
Of a mystical feeling out of place,
That made it lose its saving grace.

(To be continued)
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Sunday, October 14, 2007
Worth Valuing??
There was a time that was fine,
When everything was mine,
Today the winds fly,
Leaving behind everything dry,
A thought keeps coming to my mind,
That blinds the light around till night,
Was it actually worth all the time?
Which I could have made worthy all mine.

But today, the hills seem too steep,
And the river looks to be more deep,
A concern rattles in the mind all time,
If I could have made it to eleven at night,
For if I could have, I wouldn't have questioned,
And resultantly, I wouldn't have mentioned,
That a confession made everything bend,
And no one was ready to lend.

Now to think of an unachievable reverie,
That makes me sink into a deep melody,
Of failure, regret and constant lament,
About why I didn't make it to eleven at night,
When everything could have been easily mine.

But tonight the oceans seem to lie,
About a fate with no reply,
The skies darken, filtering the stars' light,
Telling me, soon evertything will be all right,
For acceptance is the key to life,
When everything seems to be a lonely strife.

What you hate to think of today,
Has gone by, too far away,
But it lives in a mind tonight,
Which couldn't make it to eleven at night.
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Friday, October 12, 2007
Studying Thought Patterns
Yesterday, I was just wondering how different people think so different and yet they are able to cling on to each other for years together. I remember once of a person, one of my friends had known, when she met her everything was dry, but ,in about a year's time they had become best friends. I would keep wondering how it was possible. They had opposite tastes and would have actually come to hating each other, which is what eventually happened. But, what actually kept them together for that whole one year? Also, the way it all ended was so unusual, It was when their relationship was at an all time high. Clearly it seemed to me that everything was a bit too hollow and the bonds too delicate.

I realized that they were going on too well and probably lost contact with the person, but yet, couldn't stop thinking of how it became so successful that it actually failed in the end?

I wanted to study the situation thoroughly. Have a look, what actually happened in the end was repulsion and why? This was because of an intense relationship lacking space. Not quite successful and things definitely become more clear now. Any human being would want to be associated with a relationship in which he or she can listen to the person and the world, not only the person. The fact is that this actually leads to the deterioration of the person's emotional capabilities as the person tends to develop very intimate relationships that are susceptible to break ups and these breakups are such that they affect the thinking and feelings of the person largely.

Last week, I heard both of them talk after a very long time and this is how the conversation went:

A: Oh dear! Why did you call?

B: So now, I can't even call you.

A: Didn't mean that...

B: So how have things been?

A: Oh everything's going great! How was your day?

B: My day? Oh well, what special things did you expect to happen today? It's just been normal.

A: C'mon bring some activity into your life! Don'tbe such a pessimist and a boring person.

B: (B thinks: So now I'm boring and a pessimist) Oh allright, whatever.

A: Hey you must share that music with me.

B: Oh, I thought you were not interested anymore. Didn't you say, you were into something else?

A: Oh!! Well, I did.. But let me tell you something very frankly, I was never interested in it.
B: (B thinks :So now you were never interested in it) Ahaan... I see.
A: Let me tell you, I have changed and I'm the kind who keeps changing.
B: (bitterly) Ha ha ha!! (Thinks :What a person! You're such a traitor. You changed after me?)

A: Yeah right, whatever.

B: Oh well, good bye. Nice talking to you.

A: Bye, same here.

Now who would you side with? The conversation dips us into a personal though pattern of both A and B.

Let us review a previous conversation when there relation was fine.:

A: Good morning! What are you going to do today?
B: Good morning, my dear friend! I'm going to party at Fred's tonight. It's a family gathering. What about you?
A: Aah. Well, that sounds nice. I have to go around shopping and buy some stuff for my brother.

B: Hee hee! Did you listen to this.......

A: Oh yes, I did. It sounds so great!!
B: Oh yes!! Remember the lines....

And the conversation would go on and on.

We can notice so many differences in their characters before and after. They'd rather seem very similar before, but later, they've been cut apart to think different. Differences create more differences. We must note, that no party A or B is responsible. It's just the circumstances that change the person. With love comes trust and shared responsibility and with hatred comes mistrust, and unwillingness to share responsibility.

The basic inference I made out of this situation is that acceptance is the most important trait anyone must possess. Accept yourself, and accept others, that's what keeps you ticking, honey!
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